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Our Paddles

Materials provided:
  • A set includes a SUP paddle board, an oar and a foot leash.
  • A life jacket that meets CE standards.
Information and requirements
Be careful to read the information and conditions required for participation in this activity, which is sometimes made more physically difficult than the activities in Transparent Kayak 2 places.

Our Transparent Stand Up Paddles

WIDTH: 84.7cm / LENGTH: 312cm / THICKNESS: 12.6cm
Minimum age: 10 years old. Maximum authorized weight: 90 kg.

Particularly in vogue in recent years, Stand Up Paddle is an ultra complete nautical activity. Its practice harmoniously builds the body and improves balance while having fun.

At any age, discover our various eco-excursions on Transparent Stand Up Paddles in order to initiate and practice Stand Up Paddle (SUP) while enjoying the flora and fauna through its transparent material.

The shell material is 100% imported GE Lexan polycarbonate from Spain, with micron UV coating, prevents 99.9% of harmful UV.

Our other Paddles


Eimeo / KIDS inflatable paddle

Eimeo / KIDS inflatable paddle
8''0 x 29 x 4 1/4 / 118L / 7.5kg 8''6 x 29 x 4 1/4 / 140L / 8.4kg

Here is the most playful board in the range offered by MonBooVa’a for MOOREA BLUE PADDLE!

This model will appeal to our small weights (under 65kg) for a ride for children wishing to discover the lagoon without effort or trauma to the shoulders.


Bamboo / Round Nose Rigid Paddle

10'6 Bamboo / Round Nose Rigid Paddle
10'6 x 34 x 4 3/4 / 205L / 10.6kg

Here is our rigid paddle with the best compromise Stability, glide and maneuverability. Designed for the ride and the small family.

With 33 inches wide, this board will provide you with flawless stability, even with a child, since its comfort weight varies between 110 and 120kg depending on your level of practice. Its loading capacity is 160kg ......

If you are looking for a paddle in your image, class and sexy, its bamboo finish will delight you! Attention, love at first sight guaranteed!

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