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Our Eco Excursions
in Transparent and Classic Paddle

Whether you come alone, with your other half, with family or friends, you are all welcome!

The guided eco-excursions offered by MOOREA BLUE PADDLE will allow you to make the most of your nautical activity thanks to your guide and your stand up paddle! Discover the jewels of the fauna and flora offered by our magnificent lagoon and be truly disoriented. On a morning, afternoon, or day trip, we have everything for you.
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Eco-Excursion ARIIMANA

Transparent ou Classic Paddle
Eco Excursion Full day

From 15'000xpf / 126eur per person
Medium to Difficult level
Duration 7h
Meeting time 8 am
Circuit: For this full day, you will have the chance to observe or swim with stingrays and small harmless black tip sharks from the sandbank, a mythical site! But also explore the coral garden between the Motus, in this huge unique natural pool, very stocked with corals and colorful tropical fish. Enjoy a well-deserved rest, laze around the Motu on the white sandbank ...

In the morning you will take a relaxing break with fresh fruit juice on a white sandbank. Then with your paddle board join the sandbank of a Motu for a picnic with your feet in the water! Who has never dreamed of having lunch on a Motu, in the shade of a coconut palm, surrounded by a turquoise blue lagoon and crystal clear waters?

The advantages of this excursion: A complete eco-excursion, which combines sports, relaxation and picnic lunch with your feet in the water.

The Stand Up Paddle

MOOREA BLUE PADDLE has specially chosen 2 different starting points for you, depending on the weather conditions, the circuit and the level of the participants.
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These locations are the perfect starting points to discover the most beautiful spots of the Lagoon of Moorea with its unique color schemes and its preserved coral gardens.

On the program of your walk according to the chosen excursion, after a full briefing on the techniques for using the equipment and the safety rules, you will be ready to go on your adventure!

Balancing on your Stand Up Paddle board, kneeling or standing, your guide will suggest you navigate to the sandbank where stingrays, small blacktip sharks from harmless reefs and blue-rimmed jacks reside. Then head towards the motus where the passage that separates them forms a huge pool of natural seawater, populated by healthy corals and colorful tropical fish.

At any time you can taste a fresh homemade fruit juice with your feet in the turquoise and transparent water of the Moorea lagoon ... Let yourself be guided, your dream becomes reality!

During our Stand Up Paddle eco-excursions, we regularly take short breaks. This allows you to soak up the richness of the landscape of Moorea and its lagoon. You will discover the flora and fauna from the bottom of your Stand Up Paddle without even having to get in the water if you do not want to! The key is to live each moment fully, as it presents itself and in a good mood.

Large, stable and designed for children, beginners and weights over 85kg, MonBooVa’a Stand Up Paddle boards for MOOREA BLUE PADDLE allow you to navigate the water in complete safety and for an unforgettable excursion. You will discover breathtaking landscapes, both on the water and underwater, and your guide will accompany you in your first strokes of the oars. At your own pace, however, you quickly familiarize yourself with this boat, which is ideal for weaving through mazes of corals. Your professional guide will take the time to show you at the start of the excursion the different techniques necessary for an ever more pleasant experience. Thanks to your Stand Up Paddle, you can admire the underwater life and its tropical fish without even having to take the plunge!

You will access the most beautiful spots of the Lagoon of Moorea where you will have the chance to observe the heritage of the sister island of Tahiti with incredible legends as well as the flora and fauna which have made it unique in the world.

To join the Eco Excursions
in Stand Up Paddle

If the 2-seater Transparent Kayak does not require any particular physical condition, it is a little different for the Stand Up Paddle.
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Knowing how to swim and being comfortable in the water, being able to immerse yourself and not being afraid of falling into the water regularly from your paddle board are essential prerequisites even with the life jacket provided by MOOREA BLUE PADDLE. Remember that you will be operating in a natural environment with some currents and sometimes wind.

The wind, the waves and the ripples created by the traffic on the lagoon can create regular imbalances making the activity more physical and sporty than with any other navigation medium.

Your guide will show you some essential techniques to make your experience even more fun and easy.

The Stand Up Paddle excursion tempts you but you are not sure of yourself, rest assured you will always be supervised by a professional guide who adapts to your pace. Very quickly you will enjoy sliding on the water with your Stand Up Paddle!

Stand Up Paddle is a great nautical activity to share with friends, alone or with family. Open to everyone from 7 years old (accompanied by a parent), it is a fun, sporting and rewarding activity that you will be able to experience.

To join the Stand Up Paddle excursions, I must meet the conditions below:
  • To know how to swim, to be comfortable in the water, to know how to immerse myself and not to apprehend falls into the water from my paddle, even if I am completely new to the activity,
  • Be at least 7 years old and maximum 65 years old (For those over 65 in good physical shape, please contact us for the conditions of exemption),
  • Be in good physical condition, not suffer from heart problems, joints or any medical contraindication to the practice of paddleboarding activities.
  • Due to the restrictions of the manufacturer of our boats, the maximum authorized weight per person on our paddles "other paddles is 140kg per person.
You will find all the participant's conditions and prerequisites also in our general conditions of sale page, article 4!

Do you meet the age and / or weight criteria to practice on the transparent paddle? Reserve now!

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