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Moorea Blue Paddle

Transparents Paddle & Kayak
Moorea - French Polynesia
Moorea Blue Paddle
Transparents Paddle and Kayak
Moorea Blue Paddle and Kayak Tansparent
"Adventure is the treasure you discover every morning..." Jacques Brel.

Are you looking for an innovative nautical activity for all, green and super fun on the island of Moorea? Stop looking around, you're in the right place! MOOREA BLUE PADDLE takes you to discover the lagoon of Moorea thanks to its guided ecological excursions in transparent Kayak and transparent or classic Stand Up Paddle!

Guided tours by kayak or paddle from 4'000 XPF / 34 EUR per person.
Eco Packaging
mbp eco friendly
Eco Packaging for meals or snacks
reef safe
mbp reef safe
A selection of minimum impact sunscreens for corals
Moorea Blue Paddle
7d/7 All Year
Moorea - French Polynesia
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The Eco Excursions of MOOREA BLUE PADDLE

Innovative activities that you will never forget!

Choose between transparent 2-person kayak, classic stand-up paddle or transparent stand-up paddle, join us for innovative and unmissable excursions in French Polynesia, among the only ecological water activities to do as a couple, with family or with friends on Moorea. ..
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    What could be nicer than being guided by a passionate and experienced professional for an unforgettable experience? The guided excursions offered by MOOREA BLUE PADDLE will allow you to make the most of your nautical activity thanks to your guide and your transparent kayak or stand up paddle!

    Discover the jewels of flora and fauna offered by our magnificent lagoon and be truly disoriented!

An activity on the water adapted and at your own pace!

Excursions adapted to your physical condition and your desires! Relax and breathe: you are supervised!

Our Eco Excursions are made to have a good time together and not for a sporting feat!
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    A pace adapted to your level and flexible circuits, let yourself be guided by a professional who will also be able to help you if necessary.

    With its regular breaks, swimming and snacks, this incredible lagoon experience will remind you at all times that you are on vacation above all!

    Trust us, MOOREA BLUE PADDLE will take care of everything ... With you, for you and at your own pace!

Respect for the environment, our duty

Very concerned by the preservation of the health of their island, the inhabitants and actors of tourism of Moorea are committed to preserving its ecosystem.

Through its ecological excursions, MOOREA BLUE PADDLE is committed!
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    Our duty: to respect and ensure respect for the environment.
    Our mission: to make you an eco-responsible ambassador!

    We will be careful to make our ecological mission fun and interactive. We provide you with submersible fish identification slates. Our professional guides will not fail to explain to you how this fragile ecosystem works and above all, how to preserve it for our future generations.

All our Eco Excursions

in perfect harmony with nature and ecology

Follow the guide!

Guided Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Transparent excursions on the lagoon of Moorea, sister island of Tahiti.
Various guided ecological activities focusing on nature, marine animals and your schedule.
Outings at staggered schedules, the privilege of exceptional encounters on the richest site of the lagoon of Moorea.
From magical seascapes to breathtaking landforms, you will not forget this unique experience.


Transparent or classic
Morning, afternoon, or day trips,
we have evrything for you!


Morning, afternoon, or day trips,
we have evrything for you!
Safety, our priority!
At MOOREA BLUE PADDLE, safety is not half a measure and transparency is our common thread. Our guides are all State graduates or holders of a Polynesian Professional Certificate option Lagoon Activities. They are also all English speakers.
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Before any activity in the water, all the safety rules will be explained to you during a full briefing. From adjustment to the use of your equipment, you will learn basic safety rules as well as communication from the boats. You'll be ready for a safe, fun excursion!

For your safety and comfort on board your transparent kayaks and stand up paddle boards, MOOREA BLUE PADDLE provides you with:

  • Life jackets with standards and sizes suitable for everyone,
  • Small dry bags with emergency numbers (Kayak),
  • A full briefing on safety rules and behavior,
  • Pharmacy for basic issues,
  • Tours adapted to climatic conditions and individual level,
  • Permanent phone communication with our partners on the island,
  • Finally, note that each guide is equipped with a manually activated personnal located beacon.
Our way of doing things

The Excursions

To everyone.
MOOREA BLUE PADDLE Guided Eco Excursions have been specially designed to suit each of you. Your professional guide will always adapt his pace to yours. No stress, enjoy a real quiet ecological walk. Whether you are with family, alone or with friends, MOOREA BLUE PADDLE promises you a friendly adventure. Within everyone's reach, evolve in an idyllic setting that respects nature.
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    With your qualified guide, discover our lagoon with extraordinary colors and admire the reliefs of our magnificent island of Moorea. Comfortably seated in our 2-seater transparent kayaks or in perfect balance on your transparent paddle board, get drunk on an adventure over the water!

    Admire the flora and fauna from your transparent kayak or paddle board and observe tropical fish. Identify and compare the animals using your submersible fish slate provided by MOOREA BLUE PADDLE. Take a break to relax in the lagoon of Moorea. Say hello to the stingrays and maybe even our resident turtles!

Eco Excursions?

Respect the environment.
MOOREA BLUE PADDLE is also a commitment to respect marine life and its Eco-systems.
mbp eco friendly
mbp reef safe
  • Our Eco Responsible Actions
    • We don't feed animals.
    • We offer impact-free sunscreens for our coral reefs.
    • We encourage recycling.
    • We serve our drinks, snacks and meals in recycled or natural materials whenever possible.

    From your transparent kayak and stand up paddle, you will meet marine animals such as black tip reef sharks, stingrays or even blue-edged jacks. Through our educational awareness campaign, our professional guides will help you better observe these marine animals, while respecting their natural environment.

Our Philosophy

"If the Oceans die, we will die". Paul Watson.
Because today the preservation of our oceans and lagoons is a vital step, it seems essential to us to be part of this awareness, to become an actor of a change in favor of eco-responsible gestures and to show our customers that together we can make it happen.
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    mbp cream
    mbp caro

    Because we love our lagoon, our oceans and our planet, let's act now. MOOREA BLUE PADDLE is committed through small eco-responsible gestures accessible to all.

"Bonus" services

Our Sun Cream

No impact on coral reefs.
MOOREA BLUE PADDLE is committed, the first witnesses to the degradation of our lagoons and coral reefs, we are committed to taking action. MOOREA BLUE PADDLE provides you with free sunscreen during the excursion that has no harmful impact on coral reefs.
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    Have you been convinced by the quality and the need to use the products offered by MOOREA BLUE PADDLE? You can buy them directly on site! (provide change). Leave with your sunscreen that is harmless to coral reefs and be proud to participate in our ecological project. The sea will thank you!

    In addition, all profits made by the sale of non-harmful sunscreens not tested on animals are donated to partner associations for the protection of nature or marine animals.

The Photos Pack

To be paid on site (provide change).
Your phone falling into the water or your non-waterproof camera slipping out of your hands ... Save yourself a lot of inconvenience!

MOOREA BLUE PADDLE offers you a pack of photos taken throughout your excursion on and under water.
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    Do not hesitate to reserve the photographed memories of your experience from your transparent kayak or paddle board. Don't leave without your photo pack!

    To reserve your photo pack, all you need to do is inform your guide upon arrival on the day of your excursion.

    Please note, the photo pack has to be paid on site, bring change.

The transfers

Paid option and subject to conditions.
MOOREA BLUE PADDLE can organize your return transfer from / to your place of accommodation.

Please note, this option is chargeable, subject to conditions and must be requested prior to your reservation.
Moorea Blue Paddle
Moorea Blue Paddle & Kayak Transparents
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